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Autumn Road

Living Soul-Aligned

Through Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

My journey with yoga began about 5 years ago. I started taking a few classes here and there, and even with my background as a dancer,  I never felt comfortable in classes. I felt out of place in each room filled with smaller bodies than my own, and I struggled to replicate postures that seemed at odds with my thighs, belly, and breasts. I didn’t know how to make adjustments to each posture to fit my physical makeup. And in class after class, no teacher reached out to offer modifications or suggestions to include me in the one-size-fits-all practice they had designed.

Until I  found a teacher that held space for me and where I was at. She gave me multiple options for variations and modifications that were game-changers, and often assisted me with poses to help me connect with the intention of each one. Because of her attention and kindness I was able to build a consistent practice that left me feeling energized and proud of my own physical and internal endurance.  After 2 years of a consistent yoga practice it all  came to a screeching halt, as my Crohn’s diagnosis left me with abdominal pain and bloating, draining fatigue, and aching joints. I was devastated. I could only practice on my good days, which are few and far between. My body felt weak, and out of balance.


When as if by fate, during this pandemic, I was scrolling on instagram and came across an ad for a 200 hr yoga teacher training from Yoga Farm in Ithaca New York.  It was as though a light bulb turned on in my heart.  The desire to learn more about this practice I had so loved was strong, as well as a hope that it would help me find a way to continue practicing my yoga.  And boy, did it.  The education I received from Yoga Farm expanded my definition of what Yoga is exponentially.  The very narrow view I had now had exploded onto the screen of my life, and opened up a new pathway and purpose for me to lean into.  Through this training I have learned how to  walk this path towards Soul-Alignment, and learned the very unique curves and hills of my own personal pathway.  It looks different from yours, but in the end it all hails from the same ancient wise and fulfilling  tradition in India.  

My Journey

The path toward living Soul-aligned starts here.

Living Soul-Aligned
Enjoying Sunset

The Path to Soul-Alignment

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