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Heather's Hippo Yoga

Yoga is for every body. Yes, I said it: EVERY. BODY. That means you, and me, and everyone navigating life in their own, unique physical form.
There are countless misconceptions out there about what it should look like and should mean to practice yoga or to “be a yogi.” Stop right there, and throw those narratives out the door.  Because I am a thick-thighed, big-bellied woman with a booty, who has Crohn’s Disease, and sensitive knees, and I am a yogi!  Based off of the messaging /advertising we see on television and social media I do not fit that mold.  However, through my yoga journey I’ve learned that we are all unique, and our yoga practices can reflect that; one size does fit one.
I want to help you shape and discover a practice that will last you your whole life. A practice that will ebb and flow with the tides of your day, and grow as you grow, molding itself to you and your life. If you’ve ever felt out of place in a yoga class, or never thought you could physically take one, join me.  Together we can build a practice tailored for  you.  Trust me, the benefits of this ancient practice will serve you in life, nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

Rock Balancing

“As we breathe, so we feel. And in breathing more freely and fully, we feel more freely and fully.” - Mark Stephens

Discover the practice that fits you

Clifftop Yoga
Meditation by the Sea

“I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed, for where I am closed, I am false.” - Rainier Maria Rilke

Kali Nichols

I so love classes with Heather. She makes me feel like yoga is accessible and beneficial for every body regardless of body size or physical limitations. She has great tips for modifying and customizing so you get the absolute best experience. 

Christina Ruiz

I've taken Heather's one on one virtual yoga class and I can say I'm in love with it. Heather has great energy and a calming effect, which makes for a totally relaxing and restorative experience. If it's a sweat session you want, she is incredibly versatile and can raise the energy and pace and make it a full body workout! I've tried different forms of yoga with different people, but I must say, I think Heather has now become my forever yoga teacher! 

Katie Siegmund

Heather meets you exactly where you are and helps you find the practice that is right for you, no matter where you are. I have wrist pain that keeps me from doing basic yoga poses like downward dog and cat and cow. I gave up on yoga long ago, but then Heather led me through a 'hands free' flow. I am back to my mat and back to my practice.

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